Any interest In A Free Teamspeak 3 sever for Vassel Users?

Hi all,
First sorry to any mods if this is in the wrong place :-S

I would like to volunteer to put up a free to use Teamspeak 3 server for all Vassel users to make use of for their games, and to find opponents, chat etc.

I would need to check the details more fully but it would go something like this:

  1. The server would be free to access for all Vassel Users.
  2. Rooms would be set up either with game names and sub rooms (for popular games). Or just plain rooms for people to use. (Would see how things develop).
  3. As I say, I would make the access free but I would put a donations option on for people that would like to contribute to the costs. Any profit would go to the Help For Hero’s charity and I would post details of the cost per year to run, when (if) the costs have been covered and the total amount donated to H4H (either P/M or P/A).

Anyways, it’s just a thought for now, would like to see what (if any) interest there is for such a service? Post your thoughts below :slight_smile:


I would be interested. It would be cool to see a designer room included where people working on mods could talk. I would probably use that more then anything to talk about general game ideas, how to accomplish certain tasks with Vassal and to just shoot the shit with other mod makers