Any Interest in DG S&T or WaW Modules?


I wonder if there is any interest here in modules for Decision Games’ Strategy & Tactics or World at War magazine games. I see there are three already in the module list. Has anyone had any experience in approaching the publisher on this?


On Dec 23, 2009, at 2:53 AM, evmanstein wrote:

IIRC Decision Games is not interested in allowing Vassal modules of
their games.

For more details see … dule_id=97

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I am aware of these facts.

What I find annoying is how completely uninterested Hexwars is in actually using the S&T games for anything at all. In the six years since this agreement was reached only ONE S&T title (Twilight’s Last Gleamings) has been developed into a Hexwar game. It really looks like a dead-stop to any computerization of these games: the publisher says Hexwar has all the rights to computerizing them, and Hexwar says they couldn’t care less about the games.

However, my reason for creating this topic was more to find out if there was any interest in these games, not so much about the difficulties involved in making it happen.

Does anybody here play the S&T or WaW games from DG? If so, do you have any favorites?