Any Jack Radey fan out there that will tackle Black Sea Black Death

The Vassal module is great I solitaire d the game last winter using Vassal and I don’t see any problems.
It is a serious game and will require some effort
nd study.

I would love to play BSBD but my main problem
is time or should i say the lack thereof, i do not think
i can play now with anyone. Maybe in some months.
I would need to (re)read the rules.
I remember dabbling with this game a few years ago
I also own other titles by JR, Operation Spark, Borodino and a few others.

Also, the newest version of Vassal seems to have some bugs,
so the prospect of playing seems iffy on that account as well.
Anyways if youre interested send me a message.
Best regards from Fr.

Thanks for your e-mail. I have a game started now . But the person did not own the game or ever play Jack Radey games. We just started a introductory scenario. He is learning the system, but it is very demanding.
I will see how it goes, he may catch on and like the system, or he may quit on it ? So I will hang on to your e-mail in case he quits and I can check and see what you are up to then ?
I have, Operation Spark and Borodino, and Aachen, all good games, but there are modules for BSBD and Borodino only. Borodino is much easier to learn.
There is a module for Spark using the ADC2 system, which I have.
I did get a bug message in BSBD, but it all keeps working ok?
Sorry I can’t try something with you now, but perhaps down the road ?


Fantastic, Tom, we will keep in touch
i hope.
I’ve also had ideas for a double-blind game of the (old) Panzerblitz game system
with 2 actual players plus one moderator/referee
Anyways, best regards

I am a fan of the Jack Radey games, and I have played Black Sea Black Death through a couple of times (as well as Kirovograd, for which I built a module, and Duel for Kharkov, for which I have one under construction).

So hit me up for a game of any of those.

Wow, you sound like the perfect opponent.
I started a learning scenario (#3) a couple of weeks back with a fellow. He had never played or owned any Jack Radey games but wanted to try. So I sent him all he needed and coached along.
But I don’t know if it will work out as he’s not really catching on yet and I have not even introduced air and naval rules yet. We got one full day done so far.
It is a very detailed game and Jack’s style of rules don’t work with everyone, as you know.

But I don’t want to pass up an opportunity to play an experienced player. So I would like to try BSBD with you as those rules are pretty pounded into my head now.
Pretty sure I have time to swing another game as the current one has a slow file turn around.

I have never played live on the Vassal server, but am open to it. Although BSBD works pretty much in phases and seems to work ok with PBEM.
I live on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada, so my time zone is Pacific standard time.
I am retired and in winter I can usually get out at least one file a day.

So lets talk some more.

Tom, NorthNova

Yeah, Black Sea Black Death isn’t the easiest of the games. The distinction between day/night turns, odd supply rules, etc. I usually start players off with Kirovograd.

I’ll email you.