Any news on Vassal 3.2?

I remember reading on these forums a while back that version 3.2 would be coming out late in 2009. It was supposed to have some really cool features (this is out of memory!):

  1. New interface to make game play more like zuntzu (ie smoother scrolling, more board game like, etc)
  2. A lobby where people can chat and find opponents
  3. Detachable map for those of us who like to play on 2 monitors

Any timeline when this version would be ready?


A detachable map is already an option. Tick the “Include toolbar button to
show/hide” option under the Main Map Properties.

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Thus spake “basem2502”:

This thread (
contains our current development plans.

I’m not certain about this, but I think the chat lobby will show up
as part of Brent’s “Jabber Client improvements” project.

As noted above, you can already get the map as its own window in 3.1
(I think this feature was present in the 2.8 series, already, as I
have no memories of it being added.) Further improvements along these
lines will happen as part of my “Docking” project, which might be part
of 3.3.

As for an improved pan/scroll/zoom interface, that’s part of the “JOGL
Implementation” project. This particular project has two dependencies,
namely the Model-View Separation and Properties projects. My goal is to
complete the Properties project for 3.2, and the Model-View Separation
project for 3.3. This might make it possible to do the JOGL Implementation
for 3.3 also.

My guess is that we’ll release 3.2 over the summer, and 3.3 by the end
of the year, but I won’t be held to that.


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