Anyone to play Salerno 43 (GMT) - I'm a TOTAL new player

As mentioned in the subject, I’d like to play Salerno 43 but I’m totally new to Vassal and the game itself, so would need an experienced player as opponent.
Wishing to play more games, so this is a good opportunity to enroll another player to play more games here :slight_smile:

Now I can add that I’ve read the full rules and have started to play myself to understand the mechanics.
This is the first game that I play in this series from GMT.
Seems pretty good introductory game, with not too many counters.


I´m from Spain and my English is not very good…

Have you found a player to play Salerno?


I know the rules, but I I live in Spain (GMT+1) and could only play on Sundays. If you are still interested, feel free to send me a DM.

Kind regards.

Hello Sosoman,

My apologies for writing you so late, but looks like I overlooked this message and I’ve realized of it now.
I’m checking my options, but also wanted to ask you about your availability -as your mail is already 2 months old-, if not for this game, may be that could be for some in a close future -even perhaps a 3 player game-.
Feel free to write me via direct message, so that I’m available to answer you quicker.


As you mentioned it, I answered you via Direct Message. Not sure if you got the answer, though, please, if you didn’t let me know about it in this thread, and if you did, you can also try the DM to answer me.