AppData/Roaming Folder

I want’t to find a way to fiz a problem.

I can’t use the folders in drive C: (due to system restrictions).

I really need someone to help me to change the DVASSAL or user.home folder to drive D or I.

I use Windows 7 64bits.

Thanks in advance.

Bruno Fernandes Vasconcellos
You can answer here in the forum or in my e-mail

Anyone here to help me!

Anyone can help me with this issue?

This requirement is too exotic to add it to the regular Vassal code, it would confuse 99.9% of all users. But Vassal is opensource, you could get the source code, and change it to use another location.

What restrictions do you have on using your system drive? If you have rights to make changes but have problems with space, you can move the VASSAL folder somewhere else and create a junction using the mklink command.

mkdir D:\VData
robocopy /e /mov “%APPDATA%\VASSAL” D:\VData
rd /s/q “%APPDATA%\VASSAL”
mklink /j “%APPDATA%\VASSAL” D:\VData

It’s hard to imagine you don’t have any rights at all to use %APPDATA%, since almost nothing would work.

If you have problems with the files appearing at all under APPDATA (even under a junction, for example quota issues on a server), you can redefine the environment variable for Vassal by using a launcher batch file. For example, create D:\Fake and put this in Vassal.bat:

set APPDATA=D:\Fake
C:\Program Files\VASSAL-3.4.2\Vassal.exe

Then make sure you always start Vassal with this batch file. The global environment won’t be modified, but the launcher and any modules launched will use the new value instead.