¡Apuren el corralito!: 2nd Battle of Alihuatá, December 1933


I created a module page for this game a few days ago. The name of the module page was edited to match the BGG name. This is causing a problem-the inverted Spanish exclamation mark seems to cause the module page to not be discoverable in the module listings because they are categorized on a purely alphanum basis. It is also difficult to search for the module because wildcard search either doesn’t work or has to be explicit. I cannot find the module in search unless I key in the inverted exclamation mark. Needless to say, this isn’t ideal.

It would really be good if the name of the module page could be changed to “Apuren el corralito! The 2nd Battle of Alihuatá, December 1933” so that the module is discoverable under “A” in the module listings and, presumably, in search without needing to enter a special character as part of the search string.

exception made