Ardennes '44 3rd Edition 1.7

Simple question - and it may be entirely from my own inexperience - but when I open the A44 module (1.7) it doesn’t give me the option to set up a game. The screen is blank. I need to load a logfile - but I don’t have one for this game yet. Am I missing something here?

I just loaded this module and the wizard presented me with 3 predefined setups to choose from: Campaign Game (Quick Setup), Campaign Game (Normal Setup), and Patton’s Counterattack.

My guess is you have unintentionally unticked the box for “Ask wizard questions at startup”, which is either a global preference you can set from the module manager or a module-specific preference.

You can still load them without the wizard. The module designer has strangely not assigned a name to the setups menu, but here’s how you find them (this may look different if you’re on a PC):

Joel - Thank you for this clarification - I am on PC and I found this just where you did on the menu. Thanks much! I probably did uncheck the wizard on this module at some point. Best, DXM