Ardennes '44 Bug - Can't remove small bridge markers

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but the little circular bridge markers that were added by the module designer to this module do not work well. The one sitting in hex 1305 can’t even be accessed. I tried placing some of the small circular bridge building markers in 2013 and 2114 and now I can’t touch them either. They appear to have embedded themselves under some extra graphic layer and no longer respond to UI actions. I am running the module in VASSAL 3.2.2 on Windows 64.

Given that these small circular pieces are non-standard from the game and given that the regular full size bridge counters do exist and work. I recommend not using these pieces at all.

However there is one problem with this decision at least if one is playing the standard campaign scenario. The module designer used these small pieces at start. However there is one trick to get rid of these little annoyances: 1) put an identical piece in the near vicinity of the at start piece and draw a selection rectangle around both of the pieces so that both pieces are highlighted then 2) right click on the new piece and select the Delete command. This will delete both pieces. Unfortunately this doesn’t work after you have saved the module; it must be done in the first turn.

There may be a problem with how either the pieces are layered or with how the new layer showing the German deployment regions is interacting with the pieces.

what version of A’44? There are 3 listed. Cant check without knowing correct version

I figured this out for some people having the same issue on the Facebook VASSAL Wargamers group about a month ago, let me copy and paste what I wrote there…

Whoever did the module didn’t know how to use Game Piece Layers. The Bridge Blown markers are set to “Do not stack”, which means they draw in a completely random and unpredictable order relative to everything else on the board. The thing that’s stopping you from deleting some of them is a giant invisible map overlay that can be toggled on and off by shift-clicking and choosing to Show/Hide it. What you want to do to get rid of the Bridge Blown markers that seem stuck is this:

  1. Use your mouse to draw a box around one you can’t delete. It should become selected.
  2. Hit the Up arrow key on your keyboard. This will bring it to the top of the drawing order, above the map overlay.
  3. Now you can right-click and delete the marker.

Lots of people misuse the “Do not stack” trait when they should be putting pieces in a separate Game Piece Layer instead.

Thank you for the responses. I suspected it was layering issue of some kind. Your solution is more elegant than mine.

To answer the first questioner above I was encountering the behavior in the At Start Campaign built-in scenario of the Ardennes 2nd Edition Module version 1.0 (filename: Ardennes44 2ed-1a.vmod ). I have not tested all of the new small markers but I would not be surprised if they all have the same problem.