Ardennes '44

Looking for PBEM German opponent for Ardennes '44 full campaign.

Does this game have interrupted player phases? For pbem I like games where only the phasing player takes actions. This cuts out a lot of games I’d like to play, but for PBEM I don’t like broken up turns.

So far the modules I’ve downloaded that have that characteristic (and that work) are AH games; Afrika Korps, and Russian Campaign.

Battle of the Bulge is another that only has one player phasing at a time, but the only rules copy I’ve found doesn’t seem to be complete. The basic game looks intact, but the “tournament” and “Advanced” rules seem to be missing things. Still, the basic game is fun, but so far the module won’t run (sigh).

I can’t find a copy of Ardennes 44 3rd ed. rules. Is there a pdf anywhere?

Look at the GMT website under the game name.

Thanks it looks like bridge demolition is the only interruption so far. That could be handled easily by the allied player simply making a note with his turn end email: “I want to blow that bridge if you get too close.” Then have the phasing player do the die rolls.

I don’t like isolation of any die roll. I want a full turn with a single log, including all die rolls, using the vassal roller. So far this game looks good for that!

Reading on…


Nope, artillery interrupts right in the middle of combat rolls. Isolated die rolls. I’ve found that isolated die rolls are always good for some reason with some players.

Anyone for Afrika Korps? I’ve just been playing Russian Campaign so far on vassal. Afrika’s not so bad with the weather as Russai lol… 3rd ed rules are in the documents file.

I/we are playing a big WW2 game, (Aug 2020), in which all WW2 games can be merged. Join us!