Ardennes '44

Would like an opponent for Ardennes '44, someone who would be interested in playing the Germans.

I’ll play if you’re still looking, I’ll just need to learn the rules first :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you learned those rules yet?

I would be glad to play Ardennes '44 with you. Take as long as you would like to learn those rules, but do keep me posted and you’re coming along.
PBEM is what I had in mind. I do prefer playing the Americans as I have been on the offensive in the last several games I have started. I’d like to try my hand in the defensive role.
Let me know when you are ready and we can exchange email.

If you want to switch to the Ardennes Offensive (SPI - 1973), I’d like to PBEM and take the German side. (but be forewarned, you’ll lose playing as the Allies.)

Hello There,

I am interested to play the Allies.


In which game? Ardennes '44 or “The Ardennes Offensive”?