Area of Effect/Does not stack issue

I’m having an issue trying to get an Area of Effect display in a hex containing a piece that does not stack. Even if you put the area of effect as a trait of the does not stack piece, it still will not show. Is there a work around? Also, if there are other units on top of the do not stack piece, none of the traits of the do not stack piece can be activated while they are there even if using hotkeys. While I’m on it, it would be nice if the do not stack piece was given the option to display with the mouse over stack feature.

Also, when a does not stack piece is in an at start stack on a map that is flipped, it’s location does not flip with the board. I don’t know if that is an issue with does not stack or at start stack.

On further review, the initial problem seems to be in fact due to my having a zone in the hex and attempting to have a counter highlight that hex in the zone (only one hex in size) I am not proficient in using zone highlighters (or for that matter global properties)

If I put the city zones first in the list of board zones it will report the city name in the report window but the area of effect wont work. If I put the zone with the hex grid before the city zone the area of effect works fine but the report reverts to the hex grid locations and wont report the city names. Any ideas?

I don’t know zone highlighting, but would changing the Location Format work for the latter?

It doesn’t seem to. That is to say, by adding the zone variable to the location report, it reports the zone containing the hex grid not the zone with the city name and by changing the name of the variable of the zone itself it doesn’t recognize it. Or am I misreading you?

I even tried to create a grid 1 unit in size in the city zone and used the grid numbering to report the city name. It didn’t work either. Instead it reverted to the overall grid label system no matter whether I selected ‘use board grid’ or not. I changed it to report its own grid location and still it reverted back to the other grid labels.

I think we’re talking about the same thing:

Unfortunately, if changing the above from $gridlocation$ to $name$ doesn’t work, or actually writing out what you want reported in that slot for each city zone doesn’t work, then I’m not sure.