Area of Effect trait in a stack

Seems that if a piece with an Area of Effect trait is in a stack of pieces the shading only displays if the piece is the top of the stack.
Anyone know if there is anyway to make it display regardless of where it is in the stack?

I don’t get this effect in my modules. I run VASSAL on an iMac if that makes a difference [don’t see why it should but just in case.] Area of effect works for me on any piece in a stack.

A Stack or a Deck?

Its a stack of pieces. And only one piece has the effect. If its the top piece in this stack you see the effect if its a lower piece no effect. Unless the stack is selected (has focus). Or if you open the stack (double click so all the pieces lay stacked with an offset) the effect shows when not in focus.

It works for me every way. Offset - closed up - selected or not. Top of stack - middle or bottom.

So it shows it can work. No idea what is up with your module.

Maybe you need to select ‘always visible’ for the trait in the piece dialog box. Sorry if this is obvious and you’ve already tried it. Far from an expert on VASSAL myself.

Hmmm, I don’t want the ‘always visible’ functionality but even with that I see the same effect in the exact same situation.
Possible it has something to do with one of the other traits I’ve implemented or trait order.

Would you mind telling me which module you tested on skarper ?

My own modules. Sorry I can’t be of more help. At least you know it can work.