Arkham Horror 1.7.1 Newb problems

I’m having a hard time with Arkham Horror on my windows XP computer. It seems like everything works perfectly… except the basic board itself. I’m new with Vassal, granted, but I can’t seem to make the actual, you know, board load. I can look at Innsmouth, Dunwich, Kingsport, and the Masks of Nyarlie boards fine, just not Arkham. I had it take a picture, just for giggles, and it seems perfectly normal, but I can’t see it. Can anyone help me?

For reference, I renamed the file to include spaces, and did indeed look behind the main window, as those were the two answers google turned up quickly. Any help would be appreciated, I think my girlfriend and other friends would love this, and just recently found out about Vassal so I can play it with other folks aside from meatspace friends.

Okay, I’m stupid, and found it on another FAQ. Sorry.