Arkham Horror Base Deck: Now complete!!!!

Hi Pals! I’m new in this world of Vassal and my first try was with Arkham Horror module (base game). To my surprise common cards had no text and I was very upset for this incomplete work (due to some problem I read, virus?)

But since I want to play and cooperation is very important in this community I have opened the base deck file, find the original pictures and with a little patience I have included the missing text. Maybe it’s not perfect but it works.

Please try it (I did and no problem at all) and check if everything is correct. Any error in text or whatever please feel free to post and together we can fix it.

Don’t know if I can link here: … _text.vmdx

Regards and let’s board!!!

– Sir Gaulen

If you look at the comments on the Arkham Horror module page it explains why the text on the common cards are missing

“As per FFG policy, all common item card texts are blank to ensure players own a copy”

Tim, you’re totally right. I didn’t notice that sentence. So, it seems I’ve made something that it was supposed not to be done. Well, I don’ t desire to get in conflict with FFG that is why I’ll erase the file (hope I can). My first contribution a total mess. Sigh. I’ve got a lot to learn.

Thanks for explaining my mistake

– Sir Gaulen

Tim please, since you are administrator block the file or delete it as soon as possible because I cannot do that.

Thanks again

– Sir Gaulen