Arkham Horror Module Support

Trying to get the base module to work. I have opened the module [which I renamed taking out the underscores], and then closed it to add the base deck extension. When I open it the second time, all I get is a blank field. There is no game board, the “Setup” button does not seem to cause a game board to appear, and it seems the only help file attached to this module is for Vassal itself.

Is there something I am missing? Instructions on how to set up the board and how play commences and actions are operated by the controls?

Thanks in advance

  1. Why did you rename it? (there should be no need to do that)?
  2. How are you adding the base extension?

Everything should be handled by the module manager - to do otherwise is prone to error

Once loaded properly you should be fine

Thanks for the response Tim.

  1. Rename - Searching for help with this module I came across several posts describing this fix of removing the underscores from the file name. For example - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5091&start=15

Currently I have removed the module, re-downloaded, rebooted, and installed it by clicking “Open Module” and not renaming the file.

  1. I install the base deck extension by right clicking on the Arkham Horror module inside Vassal and picking “Add Extension”

Then I start the game, choose Offline game Solo player. I see the setup button and see how to pick the investigator, but I have no idea how to bring the game board up and setup up the cards, etc

Thanks again for the assistence

ok now your loading it correctly (1 and 2).

After starting game choosing offline solo I see the board right away. Make sure the gaming area is visible and not just the chat area. Look for a dotted horizontal bar at the bottom of the vassal window that you can drag up to reveqal the playing area.

You are an Uber Geek-Guru!!! Thanks much. That dotted line was almost all the way at the bottom of the window. I doubt I would have noticed it on my own. Thanks very much Tim.

Is everything else fairly intuitive from here on or are there anymore hidden interaction/control gems? Carcasonne was my first Vassal game and it had a PDF guide that showed all the in game controls for Carcasonne itself [not just Vassal in general] and how they affected the game. Is there something like that for Arkham?

I have no idea. Never used this mod before, sorry. Someone that knows the mod better can answer that

I think you will find Arkham Horror just like the board game. Just manipulate the pieces like you would in the game. Although, as a demand from the game publishers, one set of the cards has blank descriptions (to make sure someone at least has the real tabletop game). Before yu start a game, just try out all the control buttons to see what they do or what is in them. If you know how to play Arkham Horror the rest should be fine.