Arkham Horror module

I noticed that Arkham Horror was being played yesterday on here. I can’t seem to find a module for it in the library. I did read up on the earlier discussion that it was taken off but has a new one been uploaded? If so, could someone please provide a link for me?

I’d love this too. my AIM is innosin83, or send a PM

There is an AH module posted in the module section now, and a file was submitted for another one. I made my own for personal use a while ago, but I’ve been under the impression that FFG was not allowing anything to be shared. Perhaps that’s changed now? As it is, both of those modules have the text removed for all of the items and spells and such, so that might be the condition. I’ve checked them both out and the second one posted seems better laid out… you have to look under “recent changes” and go back a week or so to find that one (dennycrane is the user), as it hasn’t been added to the module section yet like the other one.

That is typically the main thing FFG requests in VASSAL modules, from my experience. I don’t think they mind the modules being built, but want to have the text removed to ensure that those playing it actually own a copy of the game.

The same has been true of the Twilight Imperium module - they’ve seemed to be fine with it because all the Political and Action cards are just the card titles.

is there any chance of this same module but with a better graphic quality of the boards? I think you did a great work but the maps (and text) of arkham, dunwich, insmouth and Kingsport could really look much better without affecting too much the size of the file. Offcourse I could always scan my ownn boards and get what I want :slight_smile:

It is my understanding that FFG are ok with vassal modules as long as you have a physical copy of the game. It basically boils down to having the card stock which enables online play. No card stock means you can’t use the cards online because one lacks the details.

Personally I think their games are so fracking cool that I have most of their titles anyway so Vassal is just another awesome way to play FFG games.