Arkham Horror PBEM new game!


We are starting a new PBEM game of Arkham Horror on Vassal!
So far we are 2 players, Ropable and I, and would love to have at least 4 to start the game.

I attach the savegame with the board, Ancient One, cards and my player (Player1) already set up.

For information I created the game with the module version 1.6.9 os Arkham Horror, and if it matters, VASSAL version 3.2.2

I will play the role of Gloria Goldberg, the Author, beacuse she is a character I never used before.

I have drawn Azathoth as the Ancient One, so we should be very ver careful not to let it wake up, because if he does, he wipes out the Earth as we know!

Most important of all, although I have played some times with the boardgame at home, this is MY FIRST TIME playing VASSAL online. That means that if any of you feel like something it is not beeng done the right way, jump in and correct me as soon as possible! Or even take control of this game if you fell familiar with PBEM playing on VASSAL.

Hope we have a great time, as I always do with friends at home!


Hey there! I hope the invitation is open to anyone. I love Arkham Horror. Played base game often with friends and tossed in a small box expansion or two every now and again. Very familiar with the game, and Vassal, but have never played it via Vassal before, so this should be fun!

I’ve attached a new game save. I’m player 2 and have chosen the role of Dexter Drake.

Let’s do this!


Of course you are welcome to the game!!! Lets see if we get another player! We are 3 by now.

Anyone else is up for saving Arkham and the world??? :slight_smile:

Awesome. I’ve joined as player three, and attached the updated save here. Despite drawing the Doctor as investigator, I appear to have been collecting offensive weaponry and spells :wink:

Ok, so by far we are:

Player 1: Voromir - Gloria Goldberg “The Author”
Player 2: CaptainTreacherous73 - Dexter Drake “The Magician”
Player 3: Ropable - Vincent Lee “The Doctor”
Player 4: -------

Well, we can wait a couple of days more, and if no one else joins we can start. Later if anyone wants to join, I think we could let him take a new investigator and adjust monster limit and things like that, don you guys think?

Sounds fine to me, Voromir. I assume we post our turn logs here, so I’ll just check back periodically. Whenever you start the game and take your first turn, then I’ll know I’m next.


The game has started, and the fun has begun!

We are 3 players, if anyone wants to jump in, just post here or PM me!