Arkham Horror players wanted (3-4 players include me)


Since its hard to organize a game of 2 and more players…

First of all, we should go on a platform for live chat (dont need to be vocal, since I’m french I have some difficulty in my english’s accent), where we will discuss of modality…

I have skype (snifflychutoy) and steam (SnifflyChutoy).

If you dont want to have a software for live chat, its okay, I will discuss here with you.

Second of all, I have lot of free time from today to 20 January, we can choose a right time to play (My time EST). After the 20 January it will be only weekend and night.

Third of all, game lenght will be when someone is tired, there can be short sessions, like long sessions (Or a one shot games etc…)

Fourth of all, Like I have wrote, I’m searching for 3-4 player or more (Perhaps!) if everything is okay and if there is no dispute, because more players = more difficult to organize. (The count include me)

And last of all, you must be fair-play, and I’m like a newbye since I’m only playing it since only 1 week. I accept novice guy, you dont need to be a pro, since I’m a novice, we will play slowly but not like a turtle… for the first game, we will play without the expansions… and we will use the latest vassal and module 1.7.1 from 10th Jan 2013. Bit by bit, when the game will be more -easy- I will add expansion(s).

If something is unclear or have some questions, just write here or in skype or steam and I will try to respond fast (To write to me, you need to send a friend invit to me for steam and skype)

Thank you in advance for your time,

Hi! i wanna join!
still looking for more players?

Send me a PM :slight_smile:

Hi interested in playing this but UK based, can we sync times?

Would like to play Arkham, anyone up?