Arkham Horror?

Does anyone know if a module for AH is in development?

Dave Neumann, one of the mod makers had already created one.
But unfortunately, FFG (copyright holders) do not want this game of to be publicly available with vassal

I emailed FFG about their policy on VASSAL modules (or more accurately, their lack of a consistent policy) and how it influenced my purchasing decisions. I got a civil although not greatly informative response, and the rep said he was surprised to hear that the Arkham Horror module had been quashed (I pointed him to a forum discussion on BGG).

I have this crazy idea that one day users will feel strongly enough about these issues to tell the publishers that these things matter to them. And then perhaps they’ll see the light.

news about AH ??

Softbug have good relations with FFG since Warrior Knight it will be good to see this module on Vassal

I just saw an “Arkham Horror Complete” game up and running on VASSAL. Don’t think a mod is available

I just saw an “Arkham Horror Complete” game up and running on VASSAL. Don’t think a mod is available

FFG’s policy regarding VASSAL modules of their games…

You cannot make a VASSAL module that has the complete suite of tools to play a FFG game.

For Arkham Horror the suggestion was raised that it’d be acceptable to FFG if all the cards were in the game, but none of the text or just an incomplete subset of the text that would allow owners of the game to reference the specific card, but not give away everything so people who don’t own the game couldn’t play it.

That presents a real challenge for Arkham Horror because once you start loading up modules the decks get gigantic. Even doing just the base game you’d still run into problems while both players sorted through their card decks to find the specific cards their opponents had in play or that were drawn during the Mythos phase or as an otherworld encounter.

I’d love to see AH on VASSAL, but based on those restrictions it’d be easier just to break the game out and play it!