Arkham Horror

Thanks! This will do until I receive my own copy.

SORRY! I apologize this took me so long to post up. I’ve been putting in applications everywhere and I finally got a job, my time on Vassal would be rather limited so I’m afraid I’m going to have to duck out. I wish you all luck on the game.

Half your luck! It’s all good.

Chaps - apologies, but I have to take an unscheduled hiatus from the internet for a couple of days due to work. I’m still keen to play this game if you are; how about we get started with three if Adder007USA hasn’t replied when I get back? Should be 2-3 days at most.

I’m around, still wrestiling with the program, sorry have been really busy with school and work but should have it running soon

if you guys are still accepting new players, than I would like to join. Although I have not played Arkham Horror before nor am I very familiar with vassal.

EDIT: From what I can tell after reading the posts in this thread. You have to own the game in order to play?

Ought to be fine for you to join. Check the thread for steps to get the latest save working (it’s the one with Bob Jenkins joined as player 5) - I may have inadvertently made it trickier by renaming an extension file :blush: . Load and join the game as player 3 or 4, draw your starting equipment, and reload an updated save.

And no, you don’t strictly need to own the game to play (I’m borrowing my brother’s copy). A PDF of the rules is available quite legitimately online. Some of the in-Vassal cards have no text, so you’ll have to look up the details on the AH Wiki I linked to above.

cameron/Adder: either of you managed to put your investigator into the save game, yet?

Scratch my participation, I just can’t seem to get it to work and I don’t want to hold you guys up any futher

I’m very interested in finding done people to play arkham horror with if you are still accepting players. I have not yet found anyone to play with, so I haven’t played a game myself, but am willing to learn. Let me know what you think