Arkham Horror

This is the PBF thread for a game of Arkham Horror (no expansions).


[]ropable (confirmed, player 1)[/]

Looking for a fourth, if anyone’s interested.

Guidelines: This game has been initiated by a number of players new to Vassal, thus will be a reasonably relaxed affair :wink: We’re playing for fun. Courtesy will be shown by all.

Initial game log to follow.

I’ve attached a save game, with myself set up as player 1. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Vincent Lee, a physician and investigator of the paranormal. I am lightly armed with a derringer pistol, and possess a map of Arkham and several spells.

We have drawn Yig as our Ancient One opponent, who appears to be some type of lizard god. His worshipers all have a poisonous bite, apparently!

Note: whoever sets up as players 2 & 3 should load this game and re-load it with their investigator added. You can draw your own investigator by choice or randomly as you wish. Because we don’t actually have a GM, “random” equipment can actually be chosen from the decks.

We don’t need to start logging until the beginning of turn 1, I believe.

Reporting in!
If that is alright with everybody else, I will take Mandy Thompson, researcher at Miskatonic. I’ll upload the savegame with my character asap.

Correction: likely also the fastest researcher at Miskatonic, thanks to her starting equipment

I’d be game, if there’s room

By all means, a fourth would be quite welcome. Grab the saved game above, pick an investigator and their gear, then re-upload the game save. If you’ve played AH horror before that will be a big help; I personally have one count 'em one solo game!

NOTE: it seems that you can’t edit your old forum posts after a certain length of time. Reproducing the list from above:

[]ropable (confirmed, player 1)[/]
[]monsterfurby (confirmed, player 2)[/]

Played extensively in RL. Just asking, what’s the character choice method, random or our pick?

Just choose one. Random equipment should still be random though.

Right on. At work right now, will update vassal and all that when I get home

I’ve played the game before, can you fit in a 5th?

Tried loading a game file and my vassal didn’t like it. Which mods do I need to have?

Sorry, should have said in the first post. We’re using the base game module (1.7.1) and the base game decks (1.6.9). Also, to get the game board to show up I had to replace the underscores in the base game vmod file name with spaces before loading it (i.e. renamed it to Arkham Horror FFG.vmod‎).

I’m sure that we can :slight_smile: Note my other reply to Adder007 re the modules - base game module plus the base decks extension. Grab the save, choose an investigator/equipment and re-upload.

Still trying to get this to work. In the mean time, I’m gonna be taking monterey jack as my char

I’d like to be Bob Jenkins. I’m also having issues getting this to work. I’ve downloaded both the base deck and the module, but I can’t seem to get the decks into the game.

Bit of a copy-paste from a PM I sent to others earlier, describing the steps I took to get everything working:

On the “Arkham Horror” Vassal modules page, download the “Arkham_Horror_FFG.vmod‎” file and the “AH_base_decks_safe.vmdx” file. I copied mine into the Vassal install folder. One issue I had: before I loaded the AH module, I had to replace all the underscores in the filename with spaces, i.e. → Arkham Horror FFG.vmod (otherwise the main game board would not load). In the same location as the module, create a folder called “Arkham Horror FFG_ext” and copy the “AH base decks safe.vmdx” file inside it (I replaced the underscores with spaces in this file too, but I don’t know if this is req’d). Now you can open the AH module in Vassal, then right-click it and add the base decks extension.

FWIW I’m also using the newest Vassal (3.1.18). Maybe try reproducing the step with the extension file - I don’t know enough about Vassal to know if that is the usual method of using module extensions?

If you use vassal’s own import function, you don’t have to rename the module file. You DO have to rename the extension file though (for this game, that is).
I suppose the reason for this is that the modules have some sort of “internal” name/ID which is saved in the savegame, whereas the extensions are just loaded by file name.

Done! It’s been a while since I played Arkham, so please let me know if I missed anything. Also I have to confess I don’t actually own the game. Can someone PM me what the knife and the food does? (Don’t post it publicly or we could get in trouble!)

This site here has all the details that you might need to look up, until your copy arrives in the mail :wink:

An update on player status, following on from TunaDude’s save above:

[]ropable (confirmed, player 1)[/]
[]monsterfurby (confirmed, player 2)[/]
[]TunaDude (confirmed, player 5)[/]