Arkham Horror

Looking for people to play. I am new to this program but have played the game a lot.

I’d like to play with you sometime. I know the rules to the game well and have played many times. I am familiar with the module.

PM me if you are interested.

I’d like to play, Some experience with both game and VASSAL.

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From: tycho
Subject: [messages] [Opponents Wanted] Arkham Horror
Date: Sunday, January 13, 2013, 5:27 PM

Looking for people to play. I am new to this program but have played
the game a lot.

Read this topic online here:

Thanks guys. I got to play my first game today. Although I feel like you need a dual monitor system to keep track of everything if your playing with expansion boards.

I have played the board game several times, so familiar with the rules. Have not played the VASSAL module but messed around with it a bit. Let me know when folks are playing.

I have a dual monitor setup and its really great for a couple VASSAL games to have it.

O, yea!! Dual monitor… :open_mouth: I like it.


I am interested in playing Arkham, so feel free to PM me about game.

I am new to the game (1 play so far), but lots of Vassal experience. Would love to take part in a PBEM.

I’ve played a few game IRL but is kinda new to vassal. Hit me up on Skype usename: aaranaf.

I’d be interested in getting involved in any games going on. Played base game IRL and vassal couple of times but never used any expansions yet. PM me if wanting an extra player.


Played the board game regularly with the expansions up to dunwich . Played some solo games with vassals, to get to know the software, and now looking for players to play with . CEST time zone, but I can connect at very different times, as long as it is planned .

Vocal server available .

Please PM me if you want to play .

I’ve played the base board game various times IRL, and I have played a couple on VASSAL

I’m always checking in to see if there are any available games…
I live in CST

Hello guys!

I know I am like half a year late, but are you still playing? If you are, can I join you?

If your are not playing, does someone want to start a game by email?


Hey there! I’d be up for a game of AH. I’ve only played the base game IRL and once on Vassal. It would be PBEM only for me, as I’m down in Oz (WST).

Great then!!! I will post the setup in the “games in progress section” to see if we can get 4 players on it , ok?

More later!