Arkham Horror

Hey all

looking for a little advice re:arkham horror.

I have looked at various posts and I have even tried removing underscores from file names and replacing themm with spacces but I just cannot get any of the extensions working, not even the base game cards. In fact even the base game board is not there, nor any monsters. All I can access are the basegame investigator sheets, models, masks and GOO’s (no normal monsters at all) and the various tokens (clues, money etc).

I cannot see where I went wrong - any help would be much appreciated!

I am not familiar with this module, but I downloaded it and noticed it does something a lot like the Legendary module - when you start a new game, it reduces the board area to zero height at the bottom of the window. There’s a little resize handle showing in the center of the bottom edge of the window - drag that up and see if the board appears.

I also downloaded the extension that adds the base game cards, but I don’t know anything about the game. I do see some cards under the Setup > Base Box button, if that helps? There are 5 masks under Setup > Common Box. Is that the right number?

Hi Malnorma - many thanks for the reply

Yeah the resize handle did the trick - can now see the board

Yeah I can access the common box and that is indeed the correct number of Masks for the base game, but I think that is all part of the base program, because I am not seeing any cards at all. No matter what extension I try to add I get an “unable to write file” error - I am pretty sure I followed the instructions in the readme about where to put them as well so I am rather perplexed as I cannot see what I have done wrong - but if you are seeing cards I obviously HAVE done something!

All you should need to do is right-click the Arkham Horror entry in the main loader, click Add Extension, and then browse to the extension you downloaded. After adding it, when you load the module it should load the extension too.

Beware of the bad UI handling in Java - if you left-click the module to select it and then right-click it too quickly, it gets treated as a double-click and starts loading the module… this can cause confusion (especially because the context menu still appears and can sometimes be clicked before anything visibly happens).