ASL- where to start?

What ought I to buy before playing Advanced Squad Leader on VASSAL- the rulebook and one module (say, “Beyond Valour”?)?

I used to play Squad Leader with a mate (great fun) and would like to get back into it now he’s left town, via VASSAL.

I don’t own any squad leader games but I want to do the right thing. Is it ethical to buy the rules/find a free download on the internet and then only play with people who claim to own the game themselves? Or should I save up and buy the whole game?

Thank you!

I don’t believe there is any authorized electronic form of the ASL rules in existence. I know very little about ASL, but the rulebook and Beyond Valor rings a bell as the likely bare minimum with which you can get started.

To get started for the least expense…
Buy ASL Starter Kit #1. Less than $20 US. Only Infantry and some support weapons, like machine guns, demo charges and flamethrowers.
Set up an account on, ask for an opponent on their forums.