ASLSK1 opponent needed

Looking to play an ASLSK1 scenario. I am fairly new to ASL.

I would like to try. I have played ASL and ASLSK before, but not for years. I am a bit shakey on VASL as well.
I am now retired and looking for some ASL time. There is a ASLSK facebook page.
If you still looking for an opponent I would be glad to figure it out with you. Also I would be happy to discuss ASL tactics that I can remember.
Do you have the VASL module?

I’m available Saturday or Sunday mornings for a few hours each week, if anyone is interested. I’m pretty familiar with the rules for Advanced ASL, and have played ASLSK (using ASL rules). My GMT is -4.

hey Timberwolf are you still looking for an ASL opponent? Jim