At-start stack cannot be selected

on a Player Hand I’ve created an at-start stack: the Hand is owned by the single side included in the module (SOLO).
The problem arises when a save a game and load it on a different PC: in this case the at-start stacks cannot be selected. Using the debug window I can see that clicking on the the stack doesn’t trigger any event.
Any idea/suggestion on what I’m doing wrong ?
Thanks in advance

Sounds very likely to be the case that your personal module password is different on the 2 computers you’re using. Have you verified on the 2nd computer that you aren’t in observer status? If abilities are tied to occupying the SOLO player side, it sure sounds like you aren’t in that side on the 2nd computer.

Hi, yes passwords are different. And in this case I’m probably set as an observer for the Player Hand.
The problem unfortunately persists if I use the save file to create a pre-definite setup: in this case the pieces on the main map are accessible (regardless a different password) while the Player Hand remains visibile but pieces cannot be selected.
I’ve found a workaround creating a Map Window instead of a Player Hand and removing the single Side, this being a module for a solo game.

If you want to participate in a game that uses player sides but use multiple computers to do it, you want your module password to be identical on all computers you’re using.

Also, a good rule of thumb when creating predefined setups is to make sure you are out of any player side (i.e., in observer status) at the moment you create the save. Otherwise your password will lock a player side making it unavailable for others to choose.

If it’s a solo game, then your approach of just not using player sides at all sounds right.

Got it, thanks! I missed the problem of the “password lock”