attaching files isn't working

I reported a bug in the Twilight Struggle module just now and wanted to attach my stack trace, but found that I couldn’t. The controls for attaching a file were there, but seem to be inoperative.

Aha. I think see the reason now: errorLogs are extensionless. It would be nice if extensionless files could also be uploaded. Error logs are probably the single most useful file which anyone could need to upload.

Why don’t you give it a extension like txt ?

It stays still readable. In the case this is also not allowed, just zip it.

Thus spake “mehrunes”:

I could, but I shouldn’t have to.


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I think it is not a great deal to simply zip a file before attaching. ;)

There are security related reasons not allowing all files for attaching.

I disagree that allowing files with no extension is security issue, any more so that is allowing upload of files at all. There is no necessary connection between the contents of a file and its extension. I could put anything into a file with a .jpg extension.

It’s a well-known phenomenon that every additional step involved in reporting bugs decreases the number of bug reports. We should make it as easy as possible for people to attach stack traces, and that means letting them do so directly. Additionally, right now there’s not even any indication given by the forum for why extensionless files can’t be attached.

You seem to be familiar with PCs. All the more I wonder why it should be such a big issue to zip the file before attaching. Everyone who made it into an internet forum should accomplish this little task… :unamused:

The reason I haven’t enabled more extensions is because I’m guessing the developers of forum software know much more about Internet security than I do. This leads me to believe they probably know something about file extension security that I don’t. So if I’m going to open up extensions, who is going to take responsibility if something gets compromised and we lose the forum? I sure as heck don’t want it to be me!

I suggest just quoting the error logs instead, they’re generally short.