ATZ: All Things Zombie PROBLEM D:

Um, I have a problem with the ATZ mod…

How do you open it? All I have are .DAT and .sav files…

Thus spake “Fubb”:

I don’t know what the .dat files are. You need the module, which
is the file on the module downloads page.


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K…I got it opened, but when i loaded things, all it is are blank boards. The Help File says “Click the Terrain Button”

Whats the Terrain, all i got are the Peoples, Zombies, and Other tabs, the screen shot tab, the mov, and ZOS…

having the same problem…any suggestions?

Try the ATZ4 file. There should be a ‘terrain’ button for all the other stuff.

I was using the ATZ5 file for troubleshooting and trying to get the ‘zombie check’ button to work again so it doesnt have all the features of the 4 version. I should probably take it off.


Thanks Yoj,

That appears to have fixed it, haven’t run through a scenario yet, but that clears up the terrain issue. Will post if more help needed.

thanks again