Augmenting counter refresh function

Appreciate the 3.7.8 additions to the Counter Refresh menu.
In the future, is it possible to incorporate changes/additions of Player Sides and Game Piece Layers when refreshing counters in existing games?

Could you please layout some detailed cases that you don’t believe are adequately covered.


OCS Baltic Gap module: originally created with Player Sides of just Axis and Allies. ‘Solo’ Player Side was added later to the module. However, opening the existing scenario files within the module does not incorporate the Solo Player Side as an option. It’s only when a new game is opened (blank map with no vsav file) that Solo Player appears as an option. Unless I’m missing something, that means I would have to re-do all the vsav file setups from scratch in order to incorporate the Solo Player option.
An analogous issue came up with OCS The Third Winter module, when a player notified me he was trying to add additional players for each side for team play, and was not seeing his changes incorporated into existing scenario setup files.

OCS Case Blue module: A set of Combat Markers were added to facilitate PBEM. In Feb 2023, the module was updated (v6.16) to enable Combat Markers to always stack on top of Counters, via Game Piece Layers in the Main Map Window. Some players were reporting that after the Counter Refresh, their ongoing game files were having weird stacking issues. Upon investigation, we were finding that certain items unrelated to these Combat Markers (such as Supply Point counters) started behaving like they had their own Game Piece Layer, sinking to the bottom of their stacks, and no longer showing up as stack components in the Mouse-over Stack Viewer. We could find no other possible culprit other than some glitch related to the v6.16 Combat Marker Game Piece Layer update, so had to advise the players to revert to a module version v6.15 or earlier in order to mitigate their counter stacking issues. Players restarting their games was not a viable option, given that these are monster games that are spanning up to year or more in play duration.

Thanks for the details, that makes things a lot clearer.

The option to add any additional sides is a good one, I have added an enhancement issue for it.

For the stacking issues with the version 6.16 version of the module. Can you please confirm that the issues only occur if you refresh a v6.15 save game and that the equivalent stacking issues are NOT present in a fresh game started under 6.16 when the counters are moved into an equivalent situation?


Yes, I can confirm that a new game started under 6.16 does not have any of the aforementioned stacking issues, only for a game that was started under v6.15 (or earlier). FWIW I am unable to reproduce this issue in any of my own vsav files that predated Feb 2023.
A random audit of a new game opened under v6.16 has no weird stacking issues. Furthermore, the change on Feb 2023 was done for every single OCS module, so if there were any similar stacking issues with new games since then, I’m sure multiple folks would have brought that to my attention long ago.