Avalon Hill Bismarck


Anyone want to give Bismarck a try? I havn’t played in years, but I thought it might be fun to try on Vassal.
PBEM // Basic game with a few intermedite rules thrown in. I’ve got the 2nd edition blue box version of the game released around 1979.


Loved playing that game back in the day. Do not have rules anymore and not played since then . Willing to give it a try though, how is the vassal mod for game and is it playable pbem which is how I do most of my gaming.


sent you a PM, thanks!

I am up for a vassal pbem, or perhaps a live game. I also have a scan of the rules in PDF format if anyone needs. PM me if you want them sent (2.5 megs). The vassal mod works pretty well by the way. If you are interested I could referee the first game for even more realism.

Have the rules now so thanks anyway. as for a game, I am heading away from computer myself till Christmas so would not start anything now till after that. Not sure about rivcyclist.


We’re in a basic game right now. But I’d be up for trying a live game during the Xmas break if you are available. The vassal module works really well, I’m enjoying playing the game. Thanks!

Sounds good. Let me know when you are ready.

Bismarck works really well on Vassal. cjrock and I exchanged turns for 1/2 a game via email and then played live for the last 1/2 via the vassal server. cjrock (British) found the Bismarck with a TF of 3 Battleships and pummeled her. We’re trading sides now to see how it goes. I’ve also got a pbem game going with Juno44, we’ll see how that one turns out. If you’ve got a copy of Bismarck laying around give it a try on Vassal sometime.

Rivcyclist and I met for another match-up tonight, me as Admiral Luetjens and him as Sir Jack Tovey. The Bismarck and Prinz Eugen took the direct route, maximizing speed, and shot straight over the top of Faero Island. The Germans were hoping for bad weather that unfortunately didn’t materialize and they were quickly found in zone F14. The British shadowed the task force north into zone E13 where they were able to damage the Bismarck with a land-based level bomber. Through deft handling of the Home Fleet, my opponent brought HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales into action that same turn. There would be no repeat of the Denmark Straights today. Through 6 rounds of combat the Bismarck saw her guns and midship (hull) boxes pounded to rubble by the excellent shooting of the British. The Germans were able to knock out almost all of Hood’s guns but never scratched her hull. The Prince of Wales also survived, albeit with a few gun and hull hits.

All in all it was a very intense, and bloody, short game. Hindsight being 20/20, perhaps making for the fog zones north of Iceland is usually the wiser course.