Avalon Hill Classic Games 2021-2022

Advanced Third Reich, Squad Leader with Modules, TRC, Fortress Europa, PanzerBlitz and Leader, Panzerkrieg by John Prados, and The Guns of August

Flat Top…

Alexander the Great, Caesar Alesia

I am open to challengers.

I’m brand new but would like to play

If you accept a challenge in GOA I am in

Ok, let’s coordinate our schedules and establish how we will play.

Is there an Advanced Third Reich Vassal Module? I don’t see it in the modules list…

A3R is the file Module:Rise and Decline of the Third Reich - Vassal

Hey, You would be schooling me as I’m new to this game, but I want to learn it because it’s a game of attrition. I’ve always wanted to do a slow grinder hex and counter game…

GoA interest me because I’ve played the hell out of A3R.


Drop me a line on my private email ( luis_vieira@usa.net ) to start to coordinate our GOA game.

I’d play GoA too. Isn’t it multi player?

I would be interested in playing flat top if you still want to.