avalon hill dday

i would like to play online dday by avalon hill.looks like a easy one for fun. 8)



Incredibly, I have this game in the basement, w/ rules!!!

It does seem basic, though I have only played a couple of PBEMs, on Cyberboard, yet.

Let me know here or by PM whether this interests you,


I have the board game for this; have not played it yet but have gone over the rules and it does seem pretty straightforward. PM or email me and we can set up a time to play.

I also have this game but haven’t read through the rules yet. Let me know if anybody wants to play and I’ll read the rules.

Woops… I just realized the difference between the D-Day I know and the Avalon Hill D-Day; I didn’t know there were 2 of them. It’s too bad there’s no mod on here for the Axis & Allies: D-Day.

I have a real old copy of this!!! Love to play some one. This was the second game I bought after AH’s Napolean’s Waterloo…when I was 12. kept them all those decades…sigh.
I’m in let me know if you want to play under VASSAL.