Avalon Hill golden oldies

I’m interested in almost any of the old Avalon Hill games dealing with WW II. PanzerBlitz, Panzer Leader, Squad Leader, Russian Campaign, France 1940, Fortress Europa, Battle of the Bulge 1981 version, Victory In The Pacific, I would even be willing to have a go in Third Reich if we can get a multi-player going. I’m also willing to try a new game if you have one you like, assuming I can find the rules online somewhere.

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Russian campaign , after that Fortress Europa

Contact me on tmoj2000@yahoo.fr

I would be up for a 3 player Third Reich.

My first effort at a module is doing a “my” version of the game or Third Reich 4th edition Enhanced. The enhancements are 1) the map expanded to include Norther Scandinavia and Iceland and four mini maps North America, Sub Sahara Africa, India and Australia. 2) the counters adding more special units (airborne/commando/jungle/marine/mountain/ski/heavy-infantry-light armor) which all can be used the third ground unit in a hex, plus also adding artillery/garrison/headquarter units which can be the fourth ground unit in a hex. 3) attempt to make the BRP cards more functional.

I am beta testing with some friends when they are available now and hope to try and figure out how to make it available in the new year.

I may possibly be interested in any one of them as well but would have to seriously brush up on rules and How to’s on the site. Just getting into gaming again like some new but drawn to these older ones as well

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Me too, I buy new games left and right but somehow an AH game always seems to be on the table.

Let me know if you want to try one. Most of the rules can be found on Board Game Geek.

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