Avalon Hill's Bismarck PBEM

Not played this for many years but I used to know the game very well from my busy gaming days back in the 1980’s. Would prefer to play via PBEM and Vlog files. It is also sometime since I did this so I may be a bit rusty when it comes to the log procedure.

Im interested. Have not played for many year also. But it is one of my favorites.
I live in St Peterburg, FL.
You can reach me at bond007jlv@gmail.com

I love this game… I used to own it 40 years ago. I would gladly play the game but I have no idea how to work this site… it’s taken me over an hour just to be able to reply to these posts.

Are you interest in playing?

I am very interested in playing… I love Bismark, but I haven’t played in 30 years.

Right now though, I am having problems getting Mods to open…

I have not played in while also.
Make sure you have a current VASSAL app downloaded.
Which version of VASSAL and Bismark are you using?
Are you running on Windows?

OK… I’m still a little shaky.
I got D-Day at Omaha Beach downloaded and ready to play. So I must have done something right. I tried loading Bismark, it warned me of a problem if I didn’t select the board I wanted, but I didn’t see away to select a board… and it gave me the option to load anyway, so I did, but when I start a new game no board appears.

The Mod I’m using, I found looking alphabetically and I selected the first thing that said Bismark.

The best way to find a specific module, first find the publisher (Avalong Hill) then find the module (Bismark).
youy can reach me at bond007jlv@gmail.com

Which side do you wish to play?

Looks like you two have a got a game going which is great. If either of you fancy another at any point just let me know as I would still like to give the game a try. I have not played Bismarck on Vassal so am not sure how well the mod works.
You can reach me at bjones57@talktalk.net

I thought I already responded to this, but I don’t see my reply here… I will look for a better mod using your suggestion and since I am unfamiliar with the site and the mod, it would probably be better for me to be the Germans.

That took me to the exact same module I found previously. There is a note that says I must select a board to proceed, or click load anyway… Yet there is no option to select a board… and if I select load anyway… I end up with no map at all.

I just tried again and this time selected look for a game online… I have always been selecting look for a game offline. The results seem much more promising. I think I just don’t know how to use the site correctly.

BUT I am in the room, you’ll just have to talk me through the first turn or two. I know the game… but I’m new to the mod.