Avalon Hill's Blitzkrieg

Anyone interested in a game of Blitzkrieg ? I have the rules edition marked 1975 on page 20.

Are you still playing that ? LOL

Actually, I’ve not played BL in more than a year - winter is here and need to find something to do inside. What are you playing ?

a couple of games of VITP on the VITP tournament ladder, Squad Leader/COI/COD, PanzerBlitz, PanzerLeader,
Caesar’s Alesia, half PBeM, half online. How you been ?


I’ve been good Moose. If I remember right, you are the lawyer from CO. :smiley:. Lets try to play something this winter

I’ve got you confused with someone else. What’s your regular email? Did you and I play anything
else besides Blitzkrieg ? What would you like to play ?

I know this is a late reply but i’m interested in playing AH Blitzkreig. I have only played the original version way back when. But I’m open to playing other versions, would just have to get familiar with the rules.