Axis and allies 1940 global pbem

Hi all
I’m new here at vassal and is looking for someone to play axis and allies 1940 global against. Pbem.

Best regards MortenI

Not played A&A with vassal but many other games. Not sure how to do the dice and such . In mod or another dice roller. I have no problem trying with mod for dice. Any preference to sides ? Version I have is 2.4


Hi Greig
Sorry the really really late answer. Shortly after posting this message I found a different online platform for A&A that works much better. So I forgot all about vassal in this regard.
I use triplea engine to play A&A and it works great. I can highly recommend it. And there are a lot of opponents that are eager to play. I play in their league (at which I can recommend.
Best regards MrCunego

Triple A works well.