Bad data error (layers in game pieces)

I think I got something doing these steps:

  • edit a new module
  • add a board
  • add a pieces panel
  • add a single piece (one image, not much else)
  • add a prototype (Army) with the following traits:
    • DynamicProperty Veterans (numeric, default 0, values 0-4)
    • Layer image following DynamicProperty (add 5 images for the layers)

Save the module, quit Vassal.
Edit the module. Add prototype Army to your single piece. Instantaneously, you should get a bad_data_error (I use SVN 4133). That is because the dynamic property (or other traits in the stack) are not called with getProperty. If a global property of the same name exists, it is used instead of the DynamicProperty of the counter. I do not know why, as uses (this is the place where the dialog is raised):

final String val = (String) Decorator.getOutermost(this) .getProperty(propertyName); try { int v = Integer.parseInt(val) - firstLevelValue + 1;[SNIP] } catch (NumberFormatException e) { ErrorDialog.dataError(new BadDataReport("Not a number",val,e)); }