Bad Data in Module: Image not found (No Image)

I can’t seem to track down this call for a missing image. I have checked everything (I think), but can’t find it. Anyone have a trick to track down something like this? Everything seems to work fine.

You will need to extract the buildfile.xml file from your module, edit it with a text editor, and located the text ‘(No Image)’. This will give you an idea of which piece or component has the problem.

If you don’t understand what you are looking at, post the line that has the text in it here.

You can extract the buildfile.xml using 7zip or similar, or rename the module file to a .zip file and open it using Windoze.

< entryName=“Boundaries/Objectives” gpid=“653” height=“64” width=“75”>+/null/immob;nZ;V emb2;Activate;128;A;;128;;;128;;;;1;false;0;0;Overlay_Boundaries_OBJ.png;Boundaries/Objectives;true;Boundaries/Objectives;;;false;;1;1;false;49,130;;;\ mark;Asset Layers\ piece;;;(No Image);Boundaries/Objectives/ -1\ Overlay\ null;0;0;653;0</>

I found that one and “fixed” it, still getting the notice - there may be more, dammit.

Okay, found all areas, fixed them, now it works fine, no message. Thanks Brent!