"Bad data in module" logged anywhere?

When I edit a module, occasionally I will get a “Bad Data in Module” message when I open a properties box (e.g. when I am editing the properties of a Layer). However, the message isn’t particularly verbose - it doesn’t even say what the bad data is, or where it is located.

Is this any way to get more descriptive information? I would expect there to be some sort of log file, but can’t find any that were generated in the Vassal directory (or any directories below it).

– Don

When you see that, you can go to the module manager under Help to show the
error log
It will be the last entered paragraph if you have been running your session
for quite awhile.

Usually it is not something that is broken because you are in edit mode and
the module isn’t fully running to read/locate where the property value might
be it is looking for.
If you see this when module is running though - then you’ve got a problem

Dev’s could we get a distinction for this between edit/play mode?

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This is the error log I get with my module. This is tough to read! Is the only problem the missing splash.png image?

EDIT: I removed the error log. Indeed! Both modules I created recently were giving a “Bad Data in Module Error” when opened. It turns out that setting a splash image has removed that error. I think there used to be a default image in Vassal that was used if no image was defined, right?

Thus spake “MadSeason”:

It appears that way, yes.


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