Bad Data Messages & Images Not Loading

Hi people,

I don’t want to wear out my welcome but I have a few questions. I have already emailed the module “maintainers” about this. I’m currently waiting for a reply.

The module in question is Arkham Horror [v1.7.1] - specifically: “The Black Goat of The Woods” and “The Dreamlands” expansions. It seems that whenever I try to use either of these, I receive “Bad Data” messages (examples follow) and/or error messages concerning images that failed to load. The first time I encountered this problem was with the "“Black Goat” exp… When I tried to select the “Ancient One” for that game, I was unable to get ANY response, left- or right-clicking.

These are the messages I received with Black Goat of The Woods:
- Bad Data in Module: Image not found Sue-Weatherby-Character-Marker.png
- Bad Data in Module: Image not found Ur-Sphinx-Front-Face.jpg

This is the message I received with The Dreamlands:
- Bad Data in Module: Image not found Herald_Back1.jpg

What I would like to know is whether anyone else has encountered this and what is causing it? More importantly IS there a way to fix this? AND HOW do I fix this??

Thanks for any help or ideas you may have to offer. They are always appreciated.

Chuck W.

This message most likely means it can’t find a certain graphics image in the module. This can be fixed if you have a basic understanding on how to edit a module provided the image is located in the module. Open up the Game Piece Palette and locate unit. Once you’ve located the unit, double click on Basic Piece. On the left side you can will see a small arrow to help you scroll through the image files in the module. Locate the image and select it. Once you’ve done that, type in the same name as the image. Exit the editing by selection Ok to save the module. Remember that your opponent will have to do the same if he has the same problem, otherwise you will have the image and he/she wont.