Bad module data on FIRST call of a GKC to do stuff

I have created a prototype and some game pieces for dealing with terrain.
I am using Area of Effect traits in the prototype to shade the hexes for different situations.
I have three pieces (Clear, Road, RR) defined that import the prototype and don’t do much else.
The prototype has most of the activity in it.

Basically, I use the GKC (from a menu button) to let the game pieces know something is requested. Each piece will shade its hex differently based on what type of terrain it is. I use an AOE trait to do this (one for green shading, one for red) and a trigger action to invoke the correct one.

If I load the module, start the game, import an empty save game (no pieces on it), place the three terrain types on the board (Clear, Road, RR) and then use the menu button (Check Supply), I see the error.
It looks like the first game piece in the group always shows this error - in other words, if I re-order them in the game piece panel, the first one always triggers this error.

The error is pointing to the “radius” value and complaining it isn’t an integer. The AOE effect does take place, but the error is bothering me.


2023-07-05 10:27:21,103 [156784-SwingWorker-pool-1-thread-2] INFO VASSAL.launch.AbstractLaunchAction - Loading module file /home/fred/MyStuff/VASSAL/A Victory Awaits…/Vassal Module/ava.vmod
2023-07-05 10:27:21,162 [156784-SwingWorker-pool-1-thread-2] INFO VASSAL.launch.TilingHandler - No images to tile.
2023-07-05 10:27:21,163 [156784-SwingWorker-pool-1-thread-2] INFO VASSAL.launch.AbstractLaunchAction - Loading module A Victory Awaits…
2023-07-05 10:27:21,164 [156784-SwingWorker-pool-1-thread-2] INFO - launching /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/bin/java -Xms512M -Xmx512M -Duser.home=/home/fred -Duser.dir=/home/fred/MyStuff/VASSAL/VASSAL-3.6.19 -cp /home/fred/MyStuff/VASSAL/VASSAL-3.6.19/lib/Vengine.jar VASSAL.launch.Editor --edit – /home/fred/MyStuff/VASSAL/A Victory Awaits…/Vassal Module/ava.vmod
2023-07-05 10:27:21,946 [157518-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp - Starting
2023-07-05 10:27:21,966 [157518-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp - OS Linux 5.4.0-153-generic amd64
2023-07-05 10:27:21,966 [157518-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp - Java version 11.0.19
2023-07-05 10:27:21,967 [157518-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp - Java home /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64
2023-07-05 10:27:21,967 [157518-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.StartUp - VASSAL version 3.6.19
2023-07-05 10:27:21,968 [157518-main] INFO VASSAL.launch.Launcher - Editor
2023-07-05 10:27:25,065 [157518-AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO - A Victory Awaits… version 0.51
2023-07-05 10:27:34,196 [157518-AWT-EventQueue-0] INFO - Loading save game /home/fred/MyStuff/VASSAL/A Victory Awaits…/Vassal Module/smolensk_test.vsav, created with module version 0.51
2023-07-05 10:27:39,912 [157518-AWT-EventQueue-0] WARN - Source: radius[25]=null Error: Clear [Area Of Effect] . Numeric field contains a non-number. See the errorlog for more details.

In this usage of the AoE Trait, the Radius Marker’ field should contain the name of a Property (e.g. a Dynamic Property) that contains the radius of the AoE.

You have ‘25’ in that field, so Vassal is looking for a property named ‘25’ to find the radius in. This doesn’t exist, so it returns nothing, which is not an integer, hence the message. Vassal does not repeat duplicate error messages, so this is actually generating the error every time, you just don’t see the subsequent ones.

If the radius of the AoE is actually fixed at 25 hexes, then just click on ‘Fixed radius’ check box and you should be right.

Interesting - that doesn’t match the doc help for it, it looks out of date perhaps.
In fact, it doesn’t show Radius Marker, it just shows Radius - I didn’t catch that until now.

BTW - here is what the docs say about radius when I click the Help button…


Distance, in local grid units, from the game piece that will be highlighted. If the piece is on a board with a [Rectangular Grid] or [Hex Grid], this distance is in grid units and the shaded area will conform to the grid. Otherwise, it will be a circle with the given radius in pixels.

Thanks. Yes, the 3.6 Reference Manual is out off date for AoE, that one slipped through. There have been further changes in the 3.7 beta and the reference manual has been fully updated.