Band Select - Never - doesn't work as expected

3.6.7 WIN64

Select Piece - Normally
Band Select Piece - Never
Move Piece - Normally
Piece Can Stack - Normally

When using the settings above, Band Select still selects multiple pieces with this trait.

What’s the last version where this worked correctly?

I went back and checked 3.6.0, it didn’t work correctly on that version either.

Because I use new features from 3.6x, I can’t test any further back than that.

Additional Info - I have another class of unit that also uses the “Does not stack” trait, where Band Select - never works correctly.

Select Piece - Normally
Band Select Piece - Never
Move Piece - Normally
Piece Can Stack - Never (this setting is different)

@uckelman BTW, regarding this trait, I may be having a senior moment, but I don’t understand the use case for one of the options.

Normally - this makes sense to me
Only when selected - What is the use case for this option?
Never - this makes sense to me

When can a piece be moved (by the player) when it is NOT selected (by either direct click or band select), given the note in the reference manual???

" Note that any selection or movement limitations do not apply when the piece is moved automatically through the operation of one of its traits (e.g. a [Send To Location]"

Or in other words, “Normally” and “Only when selected” appear to be functionally identical.

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Perhaps that option requires that you have previously selected the piece before you can drag it elsewhere? I.e., if you try to just click-and-drag it when it wasn’t previously selected, it won’t move. That would be my guess, anyway; don’t have time to experiment and verify right now.

I use “move only when selected” often when I have background terrain tiles that should never move when I’m moving pieces on top of them. But on rare occasions I need to shift these tiles, so I set up the tiles to select with a shift-click, and I set move when selected so I can shift them. Understand?

Nope. It sounds like you are describing the need to not “band-select” them. I fully understand why you don’t want some things to band select (e.g., your terrain tile example).

However, my point is, to move anything, you have to “select it” by either clicking or band-select. Selection is a prerequisite to moving something.

And thus “move normally” and “move only when selected” appear functionally identical.

Now if the intent of the statement is “move only when individually selected (i.e., allow band select, but don’t move if part of a band select)” I could understand a potential use case.

I was not addressing the band select problem. I am surprised it doesn’t work, and I don’t know why. I was only talking about “move only when selected” and how it is functionally different from a plain move by citing my typical usage example.

After sending my last note, I thought about it more. I always assumed I didn’t need to select a piece to move it, but I realize now I don’t know if it’s true. If not, then you are right.

Perhaps “only when selected” is meant to exclude pieces from a Global Key Command that involves movement (such as “Move Fixed Distance”) when the piece would otherwise qualify for the GKC (specified by a Property or Location).


The misbehaving band select can be seen in the Hitler’s War Module 2.0.0 that I uploaded recently.

All of the ARMIES have this trait, but band select will still select them all.

Would be great to get this fixed for 3.6.8.