Banned games?

Is this really the whole list of games that aren’t allowed?

I just find it surprising that apparently no one has made modules for famous games like, say, Agricola, Power Grid, 7 Wonders, or even Settlers of Catan yet… unless there was some kind of legal issue.

I was considering trying to make a module, so I was wondering if there was anything more to it in that regard than verifying that the game isn’t on that ban list. Though I’ve also seen that there’s a handful of companies that don’t allow any of their games on Vassal.

I think you should at least try to get permission from the copyright holder before posting a module for public use.

Decision Games, does not have any posted material on their website that I can find that banns the creation of older SPI games, this was true at one time, but since then DG has started producing their own vassal modules for many of their games. Just an FYI not an official green light. Vassal will not host any of those games due to the original issues from the past. But many of them do exist.

Where can I find those modules that exist but are not any more in vassal web page.