Barbarossa to Berlin anyone?

Anyone interested in a PBEM game of this? The good news is that i’m on paternity leave and am able to do probably 3 or 4 turns a day, bad news is that i’m a complete rookie to the game, never having played it before. I have read the rules a couple of times and feel confident there, and am quite familiar with Paths of Glory wich has a very similar rulebase. Let me know.


Do you mean Barbarossa Series by GMT?

I should have been more specific, i guess i didn’t post the entire game title.

World War II: Barbarossa to Berlin by GMT games, designed by Ted Racier.

It’s a card driven game.

I would like to play you but im not familiar with the rules (I dont have the rules actually :smiley: ) and since Vassalengine is down I dont have the game box unless of course you could provide this to me we could play :laughing:

Rock on.
We can learn rules/stratagies together.

Here is the game mod as well as the rules from GMT’s website: … ition.aspx

I think you’ll also need this file for the charts: … Charts.pdf?

That should do it. I’m going to be out of town and subsequently away from my computer until Monday afternoon, think you can get a decent read-through of the rules by then? I’m excited to give this a run.

Sounds good I look forward to Monday afternoon, email me at when your ready to play.