Basic PBEM cycle...

I’ve downloaded and installed vassal and am stuck on what to do in order to play by email.

I loaded the Drive on Metz module and started a new Standard Metz game.
What is the next step as the first sequence of play Player(US)?

  • ) Begin logfile → make US moves ->End logfile → Close game ->email file to opponent?
    or ) Make US moves → Save game → email file to opponent?

What file extension .vlog or vsav do you actually email to the other player (German in Drive on Metz)? How does the German player “load the logfile” exactly? I didn’t see a File menu choice called “load the logfile”?

Is there some time where it is prudent to save the game as opposed to End logfile? If one ends the logfile prematurely can one simply restart it with Begin Logfile?

Can one mix the PBEM mode with the server-based online mode? If so, what steps are needed for the instigating and the joining player(s)?

My apologies if these questions seem so basic - I couldn’t quite figure out action-to-output and how things flowed - getting confused.


I recommend the first way, it allows your opponent to replay the moves you made. If you do it the second way, he’ll just see the snapshot at move’s end.

I’d recommend using .vlog for logs and .vsav for saves. VASSAL can open either filetype with any (or no) extension, but .vlog/.vsav is clearer and more convenient. Use “Load Game” to load either a .vlog or a .vsav

Indeed you can. For many games, the number of opportunities to interrupt is manageable enough that whenever an opportunity arises, you end the logfile and wait for your opponent’s response. When there are “too many” interrupt opportunities, then you may want to end your opponent’s replay prematurely and send him an “interrupt” logfile.

Conversely, if you replay a logfile to completion, VASSAL will ask if you would like to start a new logfile (i.e., your follow-on to your opponent’s move). This is a preference setting that can be toggled on and off.

Yes, to play live you both connect to the VASSAL server and join a room in which to chat/play the game. One of you loads the saved game and the other one synchronises.

That explanation ought to get me going. Sure do appreciate your posting it.