$BasicName$ isn't reporting in Map Movement

Vassal 3.6.7 WIN 64

Using $BasicName$ in Map Window “auto reports” (in particular “Auto-report format for movement within this map”) doesn’t work.

I tested to make sure that $BasicName$ actually existed with the following:
ECHO $location$: Basic= $BasicName$ Piece= $pieceName$ NewPiece = $newPieceName$ *

Both $BasicName$ and $newPieceName$ reported, while $pieceName$ did not… (see results below)

  • ECHO W8: Basic= TARD Piece= NewPiece = TARD *

Moving the piece on the map, I had the following (debug) format set (auto-report move within map):
basic $BasicName$ piece $pieceName$ moves $previousLocation$ &rarr $location$ * (see results below)

  • basic piece TARD moves W8 → W9 *
    Very strange, at least one bug here…