Battle Above the Clouds

First, let me say “Thank You!” for the best Vassal module for a GCACW game ever! The artwork is great, the module is extremely user friendly and the recovery system is wonderful.

So far, I have noticed just a few issues - please don’t take these as complaints.

Recovery: The “recovery” button doesn’t “know” when it is a rain turn, so the it can’t be used during rain turns. Specifically, it doesn’t “know” that you can’t entrench in a rain turn, and it automatically ups the entrenchment level for all otherwise eligible units.

In the Scenario 8, Historical, scenario, Bragg and Walker are off to the side of the Chattanooga stack - perhaps this was intentional.

In Scenario 3, Rosecrans and Crittendon are missing from N3632, Crawfish Springs.

Again, these aren’t gripes, just little things that can possibly be improved. Thanks again for a great module.


Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying the module. I’m about to start work on an update that will fix the problem with the recovery button not taking rain into account. I hadn’t caught those setup errors, though, so I will also correct those setups. Thanks for catching them!

I don’t see the module listed anywhere in the modules section, and even performed a search for it, to no avail.


Look in the GCACW folder. It is listed in the module list on the Vassal site under “GCACW” for Great Campaigns of the American Civil War.