Battle for Moscow Feature Request Thread V 1.0.3

There is a large Battle for Moscow Tournament underway using this version of the Battle for Moscow module.

Since the module will be heavily played there is a list of potential updates being gathered to implement after the tournament. If you have any suggested features or bugs with this version, please add them here and we may work them into the update later this year.


I know this is probably late, and not exactly what you asked about, but anyway …

Perhaps you want to check out the module BattleForMoscow-ch-1.0.vmod on the Battle for Moscow page which has some features that could be useful in a tournament, including automatic odds calculation and combat resolution.

The page has also been updated to better reflect the differences between the different modules and the variant or expansion they implement, including screenshots. Your version, for example, implements VPGs Battle for Moscow: Operation Typhoon 1941 - “Version 2”, while the above mentioned implements the original game.


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Looks like a good update you made and also looks like a clarification section you added to module details on the website. Thanks!