Battle of Westeros module - is maintainer still active?

Hi everyone,

I tried to contact the maintainer of the BoW module (thoemi) with no luck: there’s no mail anywhere that I can find and he doesn’t seem to use his BGG account.

As I needed to use the B board side, I ended up implementing it. Either it could be useful to the original maintainer or I could take it over, as long it helps someone.

If you know him, please summon him, else, I’ll end up posting my version which will probably include extensions in the end :slight_smile:

FYI, in the meantime, I decided to implement the missing features.

So as to now, the module can handle every extension (up to Baratheon), Skirmish, Gambit, and Epic mode.

If people are interested in doing some playtesting with me, as well as general advices on the usability of it, please say so.